A Season of Growth with TMWC's Gardening Club

What's sprouting at TMWC this spring? Gardening club has been working on making our campus beautiful for the warmer weather.

In early March, members chose the seeds they wanted from seed catalogs, including flowers to plant in the garden areas, a variety of herbs, new types of tomatoes, peppers (sweet and hot), onions, potatoes, and cucumbers. These seeds were planted in trays with warming mats in late March.

While some of the seeds started to sprout right away, the majority of them were ready to be planted in early May. Once the planted produce grows and matures, members will harvest and take home.

When not working in the garden, Gardening Club members have had local experts share their knowledge. Guest speakers visit TMWC at least once a month, including Amy Stone from OSU Extension Office and Patrick Troyer from Lucas Soil and Water. They are assisting get a compost system running to help with food waste from Supper Club and other activities.

Gardening Club also offers 'make-and-take' crafts, including Fairy gardens, potted house plants, and DIY birdseed feeders. These are just a few of the cool crafts the Gardening Club has completed.

Plan now to connect with nature by joining the Gardening Club every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:30 a.m., all summer long.