Your Journey To Mental Health Recovery Starts Here

How we support your mental health recovery

We support individuals on their journey to mental wellness by providing a safe and welcoming community. Members are treated with dignity and respect. Those who work at TMWC have a deep understanding of what members are going through and are here to provide emotional support, education, and advocacy.

TMWC offers opportunities to socialize, receive support, obtain mental health and wellness education, engage in meaningful activities, and have fun. Through education and advocacy, TMWC seeks to provide opportunities for members to improve their quality of life, give back to the community, and change the perceptions of mental health. TMWC exists to offer hope and encouragement through the power of peer support to those who live with mental illness.

Become a Member

Do you or someone you know want to become a member of the Thomas M. Wernert Center? We would welcome you to our campus where you can participate in the many programs, services, and activities we have to offer.

Criteria for membership include:

  • 18 years of age or older

  • Must live in Lucas County, Ohio

  • Have a diagnosed mental illness and are receiving mental health services

  • Be ready to begin or expand your mental health recovery

To learn more, call 419-242-3000 and ask about membership.

What Membership Offers

The Thomas M. Wernert Center is proud to offer a warm and inviting community for adults living with mental illness and other life challenges.

As a member, you’ll receive peer-to-peer emotional support, opportunities to socialize and make friends, and a variety of education, wellness, and enrichment activities. We offer a unique perspective to our members that you won’t find in a clinical setting. Members engage in peer relationships based on mutual sharing of lived experience as well as success stories that foster hope, build confidence, and enhance their daily lives. You can choose the individualized activities and resources that work best for you and your situation