Comfort In Community

Brad found it hard to get out of bed every day due to his anxiety disorder. "I was sad and sleeping a lot," he explains. Brad's caseworker referred him to the Thomas M. Wernert Center (TMWC) to help him get out of the house.

Now, being around people makes Brad happy. He looks forward to spending time at TMWC, joining in daily activities, and meeting interesting people. Brad expressed gratitude for finding people who are willing to listen. "It helped me build trust and shows how much they care," he says.

Lately, Brad is enjoying the TMWC SafeZone support group and building diorama displays with Neil in the Expressive Arts Program.

After the pandemic shut everything down, he was pleasantly surprised at the creative ways TMWC staff stayed in contact with him and other peers. Brad was eager to get his vaccination and make a safe return when TMWC re-opened.

Brad enjoys learning in all of its forms, and has started sharing some of his own knowledge on a social media app called 'Clipper.' He has grown a follower count of over twenty-five thousand, and hopes to hit thirty thousand soon.

"I've found community, through people at TMWC and online," Brad says.
When it comes to recovery, Brad knows that his journey has been successful. However, he sees himself as a work in progress, with more to learn and room to improve. Brad also feels a responsibility to help others. His willingness to share his story is his way of letting others know that they are not alone.