Programs and Activities

Join Wellness Activities

Members can choose from a wide array of educational, support, and recreational options based on their interests and needs, including:

  • Multi-session educational courses
  • Peer to peer group support sessions
  • Computer lab use and skills tutorials
  • Expressive Arts classes, supplies, and materials
  • Fitness room equipment and instruction
  • Gardening, games, crafts
  • Field trip opportunities

Peer Education Programs (PEP)

Coping Skills for Diabetes (CSD)
Covers diabetes self-care and coping skills for those living with diabetes. Promotes healthy eating and lifestyles
Exploring Emotions (EE)
Increases awareness of emotions by exploring how outside influences can affect mood. Emphasis on how understanding emotions can help when dealing with mental health symptoms, anger, and problem solving
LEP (Leadership Education Program)
Teaches leadership, communications, decision making, self-advocacy, the importance of community involvement, and Robert’s Rules of Order for serving on boards. Many graduates of the LEP are elected to serve on TMWC Board of Trustees.
NEW-R (Nutrition and Exercise for Wellness and Recovery)
Provides information, skills, and motivation for a healthier life and offers first steps towards losing weight
Peer Support Class
Shares the importance of peer support in recovery, attitude, communication, healthy boundaries, and skills needed to be a supporter and advocate
Mental Health Literacy (formerly Understanding Mental Health)
Recognizes the stigma of mental illness, understanding mental health, information on specific mental illnesses, experiences of those affected, seeking help and finding support, and the importance of positive mental health
WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan)
Illustrates how to develop a daily recovery plan including hope, self-responsibility, education, advocacy and support as well as a crisis plan