Supper Club Returns To TWMC

Supper Club is one of the longest standing traditions at Thomas M. Wernert Center (TMWC), dating back the early 90s when TMWC was known as the Consumers Union Drop-In Center. Despite not always having a kitchen or large clubroom to accommodate, Supper Club carried on throughout the years at member's homes, picnics in the park, local churches, and more.

Over the years, “supper” turning into lunch, but the original name stuck. In more recent memory, the expansion of the TMWC building on Woodruff Avenue allowed for many Supper Clubs in the comfort of our own Clubroom, and the use of a top notch kitchen from some wonderful cooks.

On Friday, October 7, 2022, TMWC hosted its first in-house Friday Supper Club since closing for COVID in March 2020. Thanks to the hiring of our new Food Services Coordinator, Ed Dias for making the return possible. Ed comes to TMWC with over a decade of experience as a chef in the hospitality industry. “I love cooking for other people,” says Ed. For his inaugural meal, TMWC members were treated to a delicious home-made meal of goulash, salad, garlic bread, and dessert.

“The meal was a big hit; our stomachs and hearts were full seeing everyone enjoy a meal together once again,” says Member Services Director, Janese.

The return of Supper Club is a great opportunity for socialization. During Supper Club, I always encourage peers to sit next to someone they might not know very well,” she adds. “Everyone likes good food and sharing a meal with a stranger is the easiest way to make a friend.

Members and peer support staff alike are appreciative for the time to get to know each other in the TMWC Clubroom. Nothing compares to the buzz around TMWC on Friday afternoons, as peers prepare to share in a meal.

Thomas M. Wernert Center invites all members to join Friday Supper Club every Friday at 12:00 p.m.